Hi, I'm Joshua van Raak.
Welcome to my portfolio!


Fantuner pages

When I was working for schepnet they asked me to create some pages for their new webbased program.

The website is not online anymore.

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8Bit midi controller

I wanted to create a arcade game music box that you could connect to your pc or mac to play with music.

To keep the nostalgic factor I used the arcade buttons that most people know as the classic arcade buttons for games like street fighter. With this box you can edit and make sounds of the old console and arcade games

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Bicycle parking

We want people to reward by riding the bicycle. But there are a lot of disadvantages with cycling. We were thinking of a bicycle parking.

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Something about me.

I am a webdesigner / developer. Currently Looking for a job. I have been studying at Lincoln University to get my bachelor. Before that I finished the interactive course at Sint-Lucas. I went to Aruba for 1/2 year. Learned a lot about Video edditing and VFX. The second period I did my training period at a digital agency.

Make Your Mark

For this project I created a website where you could see all random information about me.

The website was made in a special style (not like conventional websites) with css3 and jquery I created 2 pages with a 3d like experience.

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Le-Tower Lamp

This lamp is created with paper and recycled cardboard.

The lamp is controlled by arduino, I'm still creating a sketch for it so the lamp reacts to sounds. (more sound means more light.) but for now the lamp is a feast for the eye.

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Pixel Resolution

Resolution brief. The idea was to use arduino to control a Processing sketch that changes the resolution of the image,

Later I connected the same sketch to a webcam and with a ultrasonic sensor you can adjust the "resolution" of yourself.

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“When someone has to find something quick, it helps if the 'something' is looking like they expect it to.”

WIP Site

Because I knew that this page would take a lot of my free time I decided to make a "Work In Progress" website.

The reason why I made this page is to let people know I was still buisy working on my new page. And my old page was out dated so this was the best thing to do.

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QRotes is a small project of mine that I made to test the curiosity of humans. With QRcodes you can't see what underneath the code and that's the fun part.

David Arntz is the owner of Somerandomquotes a website with random moviequotes. I linked short quotes to the QRballs that generate random movie quotes.

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I have this pistol

I made a portfolio piece in 3 hours of aftereffects

At this project I made a text animation just out of boredom. The result is a 20second long animation about Russian roulette.

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Aruba Blog

I made this blog for my Internship at Aruba. I've spent 6 months in aruba with Lucas Hartman

In this blog I showed my family and friends what I was doing. And what I have learned from this experience. This is still the best half year of my life. And i hope to go back to Aruba when I'm done with school.

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I made my own silkscreen press to create custom tshirts and posters.

It took me a long time to get all the materials together but I managed to get a full working silkscreen press.

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Hits100 TVC

I made a Christmas commercial for the radio station of Aruba. "Hits100" The concept was to greet people with popup christmas cards. The animation and all the drawings in the animation are done by me.

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This project I did in collaboration with Studio Bulb. A school project with a lot of tallented people.

The client wanted a redesign for their website to give it this Business Look. The Site sells an Application to communicate with your collegues with privacy.

LLB Report

This project was for my school to explain what I have learned in the last couple of years at Sint-Lucas.

The Subject was called:
"Leren Loopbaan Burgerschap"
(Career Learning Citizenship) literally in dutch Learn walking track. So I made a track with footprints. In the track you can see clearly how I learned (walking).

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Dozijn Website

Dozijn is a group of 12 creative students who create artwork for Sint-Lucas clients.

In the first week of the fourth year every group at Sint-Lucas had to create a company. And had to decide how they represented theirselfs. I created a playfull and colorfull site with a moving background with parts from the logo flying around.

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A hobby of mine is creating papercraft structures and characters. It started out small four years ago but in those four the craftings got bigger and got more detail.

This is my last papercraft work "king of redlions" a character from the zelda series.

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“The first, and by far the most import aspect of web design, is to clarify the purpose of the site.”

Old website

I made this website 3 years ago as a portfolio site. The website had a lot of errors. After a while I took it down. To create a better website with my new knowledge about html/css and jquery.

only works in firefox

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apsbb internship report

This is my internship report of my second period. The internship was allot about webdesign and flash programming so I made my intenship report with html in combination with flash.

There is also a character within the report that tweets my 4 last tweets.

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ICT in future intro

This project was made for my school as an intro for ICT in the future.

The project was a collaboration with David Arntz and Lucas Hartman.

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I made this drawing to test te level of detail for a silkscreen print. Some parts of the drawing have fallen away so I know now how mutch detail I can use.

The drawing was made with a wacom intuos3 tablet.

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Phone interface

I made my own interface with Photoshop and Launcherpro (Android)

Dutch vs English

Dutch vs. English was an assumption contract for Lincoln University. The assignment was to learn some English about the Netherlands

I used the word Dutch to make a point to the English people about the negativity of this word in their country. The word dutch is not only ment for dutch it was often used for the German and other Europeans.

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First Week @ Aruba

In my first week at Aruba my friends went with me on a vacation. We explored the Island and had a lot of fun together.

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Simple Credits

Some simplistic credits I made at my Internship @ Aruba

The credits were made for commercials and movies that ECAnv made for a client. I tried to make it extremely simplistic and that it could fit after every movie that was produced. Every part of production has its own animation.

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You can contact me via Facebook, twitter, linkedin and E-mail.